*** 2021 recruitment - apologies that I could not update it for this round, I hope you still find it useful *** 

Updated for 2019 recruitment

A site dedicated to bringing together comparable information about the UK schools of ophthalmology.

So, you have got an interview, but how to go about ranking the locations? I hope this website will help you find some objective info about the different rotations, and advice on the ranking process.

There are maps of the rotations, rankings for each deanery from the latest national training survey, and other useful info and links.

Please use the tabs above for articles, and the right hand column to look at rotation summaries, and feel free to leave comments about how the website could be improved in the future.

(Note, in England, deaneries are now called LETB. This site still calls them deaneries.)

Thanks for visiting.

Dan Gosling