Please explore the Deanery pages, and use the links. I am looking to fill some of the gaps. Remember, some deaneries are divided into rotations, and you usually cannot switch between the rotations, so each is treated separately.


The information I gathered when applying, forms the basis for this. I have tried to keep it as objective as possible, focussing on work and life factors (can these ever be truly separated as a junior doctor?) and providing some links. (Average house prices from


There are plenty of opinions and reviews on the forums. Statements like ‘this place is great for getting papers’, or ‘you can get loads of surgery here’ (or vice versa), are dependent on too many factors to be able to compare in a table. However, what you are able to achieve in a training programme is more about what you do, and how you interact with those around you. Sometimes there is no replacement for being able to speak to current trainees, current trainers and spending time in a department to get to know it.


I plan to gather information on this, including a list of academic units and their main research themes. Again, feel free to comment or message me with further info.


Most ophthalmology training posts are banded 40% or 50%.

Deanery websites accessed Jan 2014
Emails from deaneries
National training survey tool

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