If you attend an interview for 2017 ophthalmology recruitment on 9 & 10 February in Bristol, then you will need to complete the preferencing process.

This is an online system where you use the Oriel recruitment website to declare which deaneries you are willing to attend, and order them from your most preferred to least preferred rotations. The person who ranks highest at interview will be offered their first preference. The second ranked person will get their first preference if it is still available, and so on, until offers are given for all the posts.

There is then a period in which candidates will accept or reject their offers (a few other options are available), and then any further offers will be made by Oriel until all posts are filled with an accepted offer.

The key dates are on the Severn deanery website. I suggest reading carefully the appplication guides on preferencing and on Oriel, before these dates pass!

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  1. Is there a strategy to secure a match? I don't care much about the location but rather getting a post.